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Retailers and Business

IT Solutions for offices, retailers & home users

Established as Yain Technology since 1987 for startup in customization of PC systems, networking and office automation on productivity. It includes of setting up new offices where organizing of location for Servers, workstations, network points for cablings, etc. Providing consulations for clients to satisfy their individual requirements like hardware & software as well as Internet broadband connectivity for individual workstations. Our motto is to strive and provide our clients the most productive ways of using the computer tools in getting the best & quickest results.

It is more of the ergonomics design of the offices where individual person can perform at his/her best in their work scope. We cater for every needs in providing customized PC systems, notebooks, network switches, internet broadband setup, software, etc. Should your company requires attention with problems on desktop computers or notebooks, we can help you to resolve the issue. We understand the importance of data on the system where you may not have backup when the system fails. Our repair service comes with the solution of recovery of your data when system fails. Unless the harddisk crashed, our aim will be making sure your data will be saved when the system is repaired. Should the harddisk crashed, we have special recovery solution where important data can still be recovered up to 90% chances. Send us an email if your company requires our IT Solution for your offices.

Web Hosting Services

Building your company business with online solution

Yain Technology started Web Hosting in 1997 that allows individuals and organizations using websites for online businesses. Our business commitment to provide excellent, cheap, affordable and reliable web hosting services. When your company is considering web hosting with dedicated server to create your website branding, it is vital that you choose a reliable hosting package to suit your needs. The choice of domain name for your company plays an important role as it will be your own branding. You can opt to have more than one domain name for your company like choosing one as your company's name while another to be named for your product or services. In this way, you can benefit from new clients of finding your company through products or services if they do not know your company's name. This is utilizing the Search Engine Optimization where new clients will be able to search for your company using Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Designing your website to benefit with SEO will be critical as this will lead to more new clients to find it. When it comes to making a success for your company, it is a part of our business to render our help. Our motto is Your Success with online business will be our mission to accomplish.

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Join us to help your business to profit further

We do provide maintenance contract services to all our clients where your companies do not have IT dept. It is a yearly contract where we will response within 24 hours upon receiving your call of emergency.

This is provide your company a peace of mind when there is a problem with computers or any other issues relating IT. With such arrangement of contract services, your company will not require of setting the IT dept as it will be more productivity in terms of costing. Send us an email about your interests in having the maintenance contract with us today. We provide consultation for new office ergonomic layout arrangement & design for Servers, workstations, printers, etc. Planning of design is critical where it concerns productivity of operating an office. For new offices, the requirements of power socket outlets, network UTP points, tables & chairs play an important part in design. Software requirements for Servers & workstations including O/S, MS office, anti-virus protection, database and accounting packages depending on the operation of the companies. We help to analyze the proper requirements as to provide the most productivity ways of running your offices. Send us an email about your interests in having the consultation with us today.