Medium Dedicated Servers Hosting Plan Features We provides your company an option to upgrade your existing startup Server to cater for higher power efficiency. You can see that our providers give you the alternative to the "generic" Linux and Windows based dedicated servers whereas our company has a full range of Dedicated Servers as an alternative which is both competitively priced and suitable for high end web hosting and serving applications for web designers, web hosting providers, ISP's, ASP's, Internet consultants and systems integrators as well as corporate and small business applications.

Comparison with other types of servers provided in the market, we provide you with the "semi-managed" servers service whereby our technical support, programming and software development departments handle the upgrades of all of the core operating system software such as Apache/PHP, MySQL, Sendmail etc at no extra charge as part of the service. We take care of all the necessary software and operating system upgrades including security fixes and patches that are carried out on a regular basis.

It comes in complete with the full daily backups and multi-level backup archiving of all of the data on all of our client servers is also included as part of the service at no additional charge.

Our latest range of dedicated servers utilize the highly secure and reliable FreeBSD operating system, which also features Linux compatibility which allows over 90% of Linux software to be run on our servers.

All our Servers are equipped with an advanced Web Interface Control Panel. These servers are a robust and reliable solution for mission critical e-commerce and virtual hosting applications and do not suffer the reliability and security issues experienced by most Linux and Windows based systems.

Be Part Of Our Community For Dedicated Servers Venture your business by using Dedicated Servers to host your website and profit with 24x7 online business catering local as well as overseas. If you have been running your offline businesses, now is the time to bring it online where you can gain additional exposure and profit today! Send us an email about your interests in having the dedicated server hosting with us today.