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It is time for you to consider the TERM: Go Green for your home or office. With the current climate changes, we are all face disaster in the future if we do not start to save the earth. Everyone should be doing their parts of trying to conserve energy instead of wasting it. Simple habit of switching off the lights when you are not using or lower the air-con temperature at around 24 - 25 degrees instead of 20 - 23 degrees. It will save some energy as well as lowering your electrical bills.

Go Green Test Of Power Saver Our first step to Go Green begins from home as we bought the power saving device catering the requirement of our current electricity bill as on February 2013. The power saver device with tested since September 2013 and we have quite a good stable saving thereafter. It did has some saving reduction of our electricity bill. Here is the bill in Feb 2013 and the Chart for islandwide comparison. Here is the bill in Feb 2014 and the Chart for islandwide comparison. The saving is between 10 - 30 percents depending on what devices you are using in your home. For our test in our home, the lightings are LED lighting from 3 - 11 watts each, washing machine, refrigerator, oven, soya bean maker, cloth iron, 32" LCD TV, 39" LED TV, 3 Desktop PCs, 3 notebooks, iPad, 5 fans and some low dc power devices. Therefore, as you may notice that our main cost of electricity bill will be the refrigerator, washing machine, oven and soya bean maker. The power saver device helps to cut down the load of these devices therefore achieving some savings. If you have aircon in your home then it will help to reduce the power usage and giving you further savings.

Buying Power Saver Device If you are interested in purchasing the power saver device for your home, please send us an email telling us whether you are using it for your home or office. The other info will be if your house or office using Single Phase Supply or 3 Phase Supply and the load of your power usage for a month. With the info, we will be able to quote you the right type of power saver device for your requirement.

Read about Vampire Power or Phantom Power Losses and how you can save additional 3 - 10 percents of your electricity bill annually.

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