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Yain Technology provides small & medium companies solutions like anti-virus protection, backup software, network structure and design, web hosting & design, customization of PCs for offices.

Yain Technology is proud to have helped many newly setup companies for IT network design for PCs layout and network wiring configuration. Planning and designing of Local Area Network for office space of computer systems. Recommendation of software and hardware suitable for office operation and requirement. Create web portals for companies online. Assist with web design to present individual company for branding. Setup and configuration Servers and build common storage space for workstations access. Protection of servers against viruses and breakdown with data backup system. Allowing all workstations to one common broadband access and monitoring bottleneck of bandwidth or excessive usage.

It is our motto to help our clients to build good working environment to achieve the highest standard of performance. This will result higher productivity and turning in sales profit for their businesses.

Web hosting service is one of our core business and we are proud to give the highest standard of reliability and quality.

With every company using PCs as tools of making business, we consider the most important factor that it should not be left out - BACKUP. We have encountered numerous times when clients contacted us for emergency recovery that costs a few thousands dollars when their harddisks crashed. It is time that everyone should be aware that BACKUP is the most important factor that should not be taken lightly. You should be getting Get 5% off Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 Server for Windows with the coupon code ABRSW5OFFQ1. to BACKUP and RECOVER when your harddisk has crashed. It will save your time and money to retrieve those data. There is a server version for Linux - Get 5% off Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 Advanced Server for Linux with the coupon code ABRASL5OFFQ1..

Be Part Of Our Community Venture your business by using Dedicated Servers to host your website and profit with 24x7 online business catering local as well as overseas. If you have been running your offline businesses, now is the time to bring it online where you can gain additional exposure and profit today! Send us an email about your interests in having the dedicated server hosting with us today.