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Some alternative ways where you can save your electricity bills.

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Go Green With Saving On Vampire Power or Phantom Power Losses
When your equipment is placed under standby mode, it is actually drawing power which can be up to 10 percents of your electricity bill known as vampire power or phantom load. Some devices that are connected to your socket, even though you may have switched off but it still drawing current known as leaking electricity unless you plug it out from the socket completely. Nowadays, it is common for electrical or electronic products to have the function of standby mode acting as off mode but can be activated using a remote controller. Products like VCRs, stereo, PC systems, notebooks, TVs and kitchen appliances have phantom loads unless it is completely plug out from the main socket.

Now you know about the phantom power losses with the devices that are plugged onto the main socket, it is time to consider what action you should perform to cut your electricity bill. Free method will be unplugged every device that you do not use from the main socket or using the saver plug to eliminate the vampire power when not in use. You can save 5 - 10 percents for an average home's electricity bill annually.

We are going to do an experiment for the next few months to get rid of the vampire power losses and see if our electricity bill going down or not. Today is already end of March 2014. So, our experiment will beginning in April 2014 and we shall monitor the bill for the next few months based on our little project to cut down the phantom load losses. Stay tune!

March 2014 Comsumption Chart

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